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Jul 21, 2015

Why do great athletes claim that on some nights baseballs look as big as a grapefruit, basketball hoops are like oceans and things move in slow motion? Are they just blowing a lot of hot air or is this really the way they see the world?  In this episode, I explore embodied perception in sport…the idea that the way we see the world changes as a function of our action capabilities (e.g., whether we are an expert or novice, whether we are fresh or fatigued, etc). I also consider how we might take advantage of these effects in sports training programs.

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 Links to articles discussed:

Embodied Perception and the Economy of Action

Embodied perception in sport

Apparent Ball Size Is Correlated With Batting Average

Being selective at the plate: processing dependence between perceptual variables relates to hitting goals and performance

Action-specific effects in aviation: What determines judged runway size?

Target-directed visual attention is a prerequisite for action-specific perception

How “Paternalistic” Is Spatial Perception? 

An Embodied Approach to Perception: By What Units Are Visual Perceptions Scaled?

Action’s Effect on Perception

Size estimates remain stable in the face of differences in performance outcome variability in an aiming task

Attentional focus, perceived target size, and movement kinematics under performance pressure


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