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Sep 28, 2021

How can we apply an ecological approach to training martial arts and MMA? How can we redesign practice to make it more alive and representative? A discussion with Rafe Kelley, Shawn Myszka, Josh Peacock and Scott Sievewright.  


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Sep 21, 2021

How does the ecological approach to skill acquisition change the way we think about movement creativity? How can we promote it through practice design?



The effects of linear, nonlinear, and differential motor learning methods on the emergence of creative action in individual soccer players



Sep 14, 2021

How does cognition fit into an ecological approach? Was is the difference between technique, skill and action capacity? How should rule based vs physical constraints be used in practice? An emergent discussion on some topics related to applying an ecological dynamics approach in coaching


Sep 7, 2021

When faced with changing constraints how do performers balance the competing demands of exploring solution space for a new movement solution and maintaining short-term performance success?



Exploration evoked by the environment is balanced by the need to perform in cricket spin bowling


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