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Apr 30, 2024

How can we better understand sports injury by considering factors such as good variability, coordination, and movement synergies using a dynamical systems approach?

From microscopic to macroscopic sports injuries. Applying the complex dynamic systems approach to sports medicine: a narrative review

Apr 23, 2024

My interview with Alex Sarama, founder of Transforming Basketball. Taking a constraints-led approach to basketball practice.


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Apr 9, 2024

A look at a recent study that addresses a question I get quite often: do the basic principles of motor learning, in this case, those proposed by OPTIMAL theory, still hold when we are dealing with highly skilled athletes?

Effects of self-controlled practice and focus of attention on free throw accuracy:...

Apr 2, 2024

A look at a recent study that provides evidence that cricket bowlers use movement variability (as opposed to repeatability) to regulate the timing and speed of their delivery. And looking back at a classic in ecological dynamics – the first study to show this effect.

Functional movement variability to...