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Feb 25, 2020

A look at games based approaches to coaching. How do methods like teaching games for understanding differ from the constraints led approach? Is the CLA just “old wine in new bottles” or does it add something new?



Old wine in new bottles: a response to claims that teaching games for understanding was not...

Feb 18, 2020

What are the differences between coordination, control and skill? A look at a 3 stage model of skill acquisition and its implications for coaching and motor learning research.



Coordination, control and skill

Change in Motor Learning: A Coordination and Control Perspective


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Feb 11, 2020

Applying perception-action principles to concussion and behavioral injury risk. How does concussion affect an athlete’s perception of affordances and action boundaries in their environment?



Increased Risk of Musculoskeletal Injury Following Sport-Related Concussion: A Perception-Action Coupling Approach

Feb 4, 2020

Does training blind under non-vision conditions result in improved performance when the athlete returns to full vision conditions? Does it allow a performer to become more sensitive to information from other senses (e.g. proprioception and audition) or is learning specific to the conditions of practice?