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Aug 29, 2017

Can the two opposing theoretical views of the role of attention in choking under pressure be integrated? A look at some theories that have attempted to do so and consideration of what still needs to be done in this area.



Choking Under Pressure: Multiple Routes to Skill Failure


Aug 22, 2017

A discussion with Sam Vine. Senior Lecturer of Psychology & Human Movement Science from the University of Exeter. We discuss recent research and unresolved issues related to the Quiet Eye, appraisal of stress and performing under pressures, and Sam’s new VR training venture, Cineon Training.


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Aug 15, 2017

Is focusing one’s attention on skill execution as a result of increased self-consciousness really the primary cause “choking under pressure”?  Is the evidence in support of this theory flawed?



Putting pressure on theories of choking: towards an expanded perspective on breakdown in skilled...

Aug 8, 2017

A discussion with Edward Coughlan. Lecturer in Skill Acquisition at the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. We discuss practice design, skill acquisition, deliberate practice, and occlusion training with Chin Up Googles.


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Aug 7, 2017

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