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Apr 28, 2020

I am joined by Keith Davids and Shawn Myszka to discuss the role of generalized vs sport specific training. How, when and why should we incorporate more generalized training in practice? What does it mean to a “learn to learn to move” and how can we facilitate it?



Keith’s MSAI Presentation


Apr 27, 2020

What evidence is there that performers use Bernstein’s freezing degrees of freedom coordination solution in the early stages of learning? How does if and when they use it depend on the performance goal and task constraints?



Freezing Degrees of Freedom During Motor Learning: A Systematic Review


Apr 21, 2020

I am joined by Marianne Davis and Stuart Armstrong to discuss how the principles of Representative Learning Design can be applied when training at home to make practice more enjoyable, engaging and effective.



Representative learning design and functionality of research and practice in sport



Apr 20, 2020

A discussion with Greg Appelbaum from Duke University about his work testing and training the sensorimotor abilities of athletes. What aspects of vision are predictive of on-field performance? Does dynamic vision training transfer? How might brain stimulation and EEG be used to improve sports training?


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Apr 14, 2020

I am joined by James Vaughn, Ben Franks, Shawn Myska, Tyler Yearby, and Stuart Armstrong for a great discussion about the ecological approach to decision making in sports



Ecological cognition: expert decision-making behaviour in sport


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