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Mar 26, 2019

Is the common finding that expert athletes are better at using advance cues to anticipate their opponent’s actions evidence that they are using a predictive, internal model for action control? Or can this be reconciled with the ecological approach?



Special Issue of IJSP: Ventral and dorsal contribution to...

Mar 19, 2019

Can having a performer amplify or exaggerate movement error be an effective way to correct it? Is error amplification a more effective method than corrective instruction?  



“Amplification of Error”: A Rapidly Effective Method for Motor Performance Improvement

Correction of a Technical Error in the Golf...

Mar 5, 2019

A look at some different ways we can cue and provide feedback to a performer including bandwidth, temporal-comparative and translational feedback and rhythm-based cues.  



Effect of bandwidth knowledge of results on movement consistency

Applying Bandwidth Feedback Scheduling to a Golf Shot