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Jul 21, 2015

Why do great athletes claim that on some nights baseballs look as big as a grapefruit, basketball hoops are like oceans and things move in slow motion? Are they just blowing a lot of hot air or is this really the way they see the world?  In this episode, I explore embodied perception in sport…the idea that the way we...

Jul 14, 2015

News: Can the threat of losing $50K on one putt make a pro golfer choke? Why is "back again" shorter than there?


The impact of pressure on performance: Evidence from the PGA TOUR

The Return Trip Is Felt Shorter Only Postdictively: A Psychophysiological Study of the Return Trip Effect


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Jul 7, 2015

How does an athlete get their glove, racquet, hand, or foot to the right place at the right time to hit, catch or strike a moving object? In this episode, I explore visual information that can be used to judge the time to contact and direction of motion of an approaching object and how it can be applied to the...