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Sep 29, 2015

We have all seen it.  A great athlete has a chance to win a championship.  All that is required for them to do something they have done hundreds of times before…sink a 3 foot putt, make a free throw, kick a 20 year field goal. And they miss!  In this episode I explore the fascinating topic of choking under...

Sep 28, 2015

This past Friday one of my personal favorite sporting events kicked off…the Rugby World Cup.  The NFL Football season is also of course now in full swing.  So, which sport has the bigger hits: football or rugby?


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Sep 21, 2015

Is the claim that visual training can “improve vision” deceptive and worthy of a $150K fine from the FTC?  Can we say that the benefits of visual training will transfer to sports performance?


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Join Me on My Head Training Journey

Sep 20, 2015

Hi Everyone,

HeadTrainer is one the newest applications in the continually growing market of perceptual-cognitive training products for athletes. One of the most striking things about this app is the budget behind it – the production values are at the level of many video games and the company has a team of pretty...