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Jun 7, 2016

How good are drivers at detecting the risks and dangers that lurk around the corner? What is the best way to assess this ability?  Do people actually want some risk when driving?  Is the desire for risk going to counteract our efforts to making make the road safer through interventions?

-How does glare effect sports performance and do products like eye black actually work? (Time 22:03).


Understanding Driving

Flashbulb memories

Visual search of driving situations: Danger and experience

Drivers' hazard perception ability: Situation awareness on the road

Can a video-based hazard perception test used for driver licensing predict crash involvement?

A Theory of Risk Homeostasis: Implications for Safety and Health

A driving-simulator test of Wilde's risk homeostasis theory

Risk homeostasis theory: Problems of the past and promises for the future

Lost in the Lights: The Effects of Glare on Catching Performance


Hazard Perception Test:


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