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Jul 15, 2019

A look at some recent motor learning neuroscience articles. Can we achieve gray matter plasticity through motor learning? How are motor synergies reflected in brain activity? What are the neural mechanisms underlying the benefits of self-controlled feedback?



Motor repertoire and gray matter plasticity: Is...

Jul 2, 2019

A look at the role of motor noise in motor learning? How to we minimize the effects of noise on motor control? Do we choose movement solutions that are less noisy?



Using noise to shape motor learning

Motor Learning Is Optimally Tuned to the Properties of Motor Noise


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Jun 18, 2019

A look at the 1995 article by Jane Clark which provides an excellent overview of the dynamical systems approach to skill acquisition.



On Becoming Skillful: Patterns & Constraints


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Jun 11, 2019

A look at a couple new studies examining the CLA to skill acquisition. How does the presence of an opponent influence the kinematics of a tennis serve? Can we correct technical errors without using explicit verbal instruction?



Effect of environmental constraints on multisegment coordination patterns during...

May 21, 2019

A look at 3 recent studies evaluating the effects of different types of instruction (explicit, analogy and focus of attention) on performance, movement kinematics and motor learning.



The acute effects of analogy and explicit instruction on movement and performance

The effects of instructional cues on...