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Jul 7, 2015

How does an athlete get their glove, racquet, hand, or foot to the right place at the right time to hit, catch or strike a moving object? In this episode, I explore visual information that can be used to judge the time to contact and direction of motion of an approaching object and how it can be applied to the outfielder problem.  

Research Confessions: The time I nearly published completely artifactual results


Links to articles discussed:

The Black Cloud

Lee’s 1976 paper

Grasping tau

Accuracy of estimating time to collision using binocular and monocular information

Estimating the time to collision with a rotating nonspherical object

The visual perception of motion in depth

Catching a baseball: OAC

How baseball outfielders determine where to run to catch fly balls

Unconfounding the direction of motion in depth, time to passage and rotation rate of an approaching object

Motion perception and driving: predicting performance through testing and shortening braking reaction times through training


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