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Jun 13, 2017

How well can we integrate samples from a visual scene (e.g. when an outfielder is trying to catch a fly ball and has to look from the ball to the wall and back)? How long of a view do we need and what interval between samples can we tolerate? Does training to perform under such intermittent conditions result in improvements and transfer to performance in full vision conditions?



Intermittent visual pickup and goal directed movement: a review

Integration of intermittent visual samples over time and between the eyes

I Lost It in the Lights: The Effects of Predictable and Variable Intermittent Vision on Unimanual Catching

Intermittent vision and one-handed catching: the effect of general and specific task experience

The Influence of Restricted Visual Feedback on Dribbling Performance in Youth Soccer Players



Plato Occlusion Glasses

Senaptec Stroboscopic Glasses

Stephen Curry Strobe Training



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