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May 28, 2024

Today I am joined by Randy Sullivan & Alan Jaeger to discuss how we can deal with the ever-recurring problem of elbow and shoulder injuries in baseball pitchers. How can we harness variability in practice for injury prevention?  


May 21, 2024

A review of the paper: “Skill shapes functional movement variability and exploration tendencies: the effect of skill under changing environmental constraints on the emergence of creative action in a divergent kickboxing task”. Do our previous training hinder or help creativity?

Skill shapes functional...

May 14, 2024

A Journal Club with Wieger Heijenk (PT, "The Dutch shoulder magician") and Lupko Pot (Founder / Owner Tidal Tank & UltimateInstability,) to discuss and demo their unique approaches to PT and training which incorporate many Ecological Dynamics concepts.


May 7, 2024

My review of a study comparing a traditional prescriptive approach to an ecological approach for training the action capacity of countermovement jump performance.

Exploring the Influence of Cognitive and Ecological Dynamics Approaches on Countermovement Jumping Enhancement: A Comparative Training Study