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Aug 1, 2017

How have researchers used virtual environments to distort reality, disobey gravity, create conflicting feedback, and alter an athlete’s perception in the name of science? How have they effectively brought rate events in sports into the lab?



Behavior of College Baseball Players in a Virtual Batting Task

Perceiving and Acting upon Spaces in a VR Rugby Task: Expertise Effects in Affordance Detection and Task Achievement

Virtual reality as a tool for the study of perception– action: the case of running to catch fly balls

Catching fly balls in virtual reality: A critical test of the outfielder problem

How soccer players head the ball: A test of optic acceleration cancellation theory with virtual reality

Saccades to future ball location reveal memory-based prediction in a virtual-reality interception task

Virtual Thrower Versus Real Goalkeeper: The Influence of Different Visual Conditions on Performance

A Model of Motor Inhibition for a Complex Skill: Baseball Batting

How Do Batters Use Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Information About the Success of a Baseball Swing?

“As soon as the bat met the ball, I knew it was gone”: Outcome prediction, hindsight bias, and the representation and control of action in expert and novice baseball players

How information guides movement: Intercepting curved free kicks in soccer

Visuo-motor delay, information–movement coupling, and expertise in ball sports


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